Handmade Newspaper Project

A simple, personalized DIY project for kids.

Who's the next media mogul? Your kid!

Equal parts creative activity and easy-to-store keepsake, the handmade newspaper project captures a time in a child's life — the drawings, the handwriting... the spelling! — that would otherwise be a fleeting moment.


  • Newspaper template, printed
  • Crayons, markers or pencils
  • Optional: photo
  • Not optional: kid creativity

How to:

1. Print the newsletter template (from MarthaStewart.com). You can use slightly gray-tinted paper for the effect of newsprint or use thicker, cardstock paper for a more substantial piece. Just don't use newsprint: it easily tears.

2. Fill out the ad-libs and checkboxes. Your child can use a regular pencil or colorful writing options to get creative or be very newspaper-professional with reporting this news about mom.

3. Draw a picture in the lead image space. Truly, mom will prefer a hand-drawn picture — of whatever! But pasting a photo of mom and kid together, a family snap or other picture will also work. Just be creative!