Comunism vs Reality

Karl Marx:

Communism: a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

Background of Marx: Was born in 1818 in city of Trier, had a prosperous father, and studied law at Bonn University.

Marx ideas on communism: Marx believed that there was gonna be conflict between the rich and poor, communism would naturally come up, and everyone should have power

Lenin's Communism

Lenin's communism: He wanted revolution fast and always thought i was the rich vs the poor. He believed that the Communist party would be filled up with only peasant and everyone should have power but also have a strong government.

Marx and Lenin: They both thought it was gonna be between the rich and poor and believed that the revolution was gonna be between the capitalist and the proletariat

Mao Zedong and Lenin: Mao and Lenin both believed that the leader of the revolution would be peasants but Mao also believed that the communist party and revoultion would occur in a rural country 

Backlash/Connections Of Communism

Backlash and Frankenstein effects of communism: Today communism has effected the world and now people are being censored by there new communist leader Putin.

The spread of communism caused only a huge war against the United States(NATO) and Russia (Warsaw) called the Cold War which was to the point that there was gonna be an all out nuclear war which may have destroyed the entire world.

Communism was a government system used to express the poor but its the poor and the rich that are getting censored now a days if you show any type of homosexuality you maybe killed by the police or vigilantes.

Every communist state is at war with its self or there's all the time because communism has just sent out a bad reputation for itself

Today there is still communism in countries like Egypt were they were continuously revolting against communism but the government would just suppress them but now with the help of outside countries got its revolution.

My Reaction Toward communism

i think communism has just caused problems with countries and within its own countries with problems such as censorship and secret alliance to plot against capitalist nations.

I am absolutely discussed with all the communist nations because they just consist of horrible actions to its public populations.

The communism Lenin saw isn't what it is today it has been changed a lot.

Andrew Gonzalez

Period 3


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