Continental Drift

Tom Hall-Strange

Continental Drift is where the continents slowly move over time. They do this because of the Tectonic Plates constantly moving beneath us. Mountain ranges and earthquakes are caused because of these plates.

Mountain Ranges are formed when Tectonic plates move and push up against each other. This, in turn, causes the rocks to be pushed up as they are mashed between the moving current of plates.

Earthquakes are caused when plates move and get caught up and trapped in each other. Pressure builds up underneath the earths crust and when it is finally released, an earthquake often occurs.

Pangaea was one super-continent that was around when the earth was created. Continental Drift has changed our earth so that the continents are separated and no longer this one big blob. Scientists know this because they have found the same fossils on each side of two countries borders. E.g they have found the same fossils in eastern South America and western Africa.

Earth in future because of continental drift

In the future continental drift will still affect earth. This is a prediction of what the earth will look like. There will possibly be mountain ranges where the continents meet .

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