I have a older sister(21) and a older brother(18), I am the youngest. I have one dog (Jackson) and one cat (Michael). I don't play any sports. I'm average at everything i do, i just haven't found my talent yet. I love music without music i think i would go crazy.

Three things about me

Horseback riding

I enjoy horseback riding its relaxing. Ever since I was little I've always loved horses nothing could stop me when i was younger, I got bit when i was like 6 and i still love horses. I recently got a summer job working with horses.


I love doing photography. When i take pictures of nature i think the less perfection the better. If you are taking pictures of the woods and there is a couple dead trees in the frame, it alright. when i see a perfect picture it appeals to me less than if it had a flaw.


I have a plan of Going to tech while in high school, for cosmetology. And using that skill to pay my way through college. I want to go to college for Psychology.

My Goals

Goal 1: I want to do better in school. I don't have the best grades but I want to get into a good college so I need to start trying even harder in school.

Goal 2: Once I turn 16 I want to go get my permit. I have been studying for it ever since i was first taught to drive. I have already started planning for a trip once I get my license.

Goal 3: I want to be that person that everyone goes to if they need help. I want to be able to help people. If they are getting bullied, problems at home, problems with grades, i want to be able to help them to my full extent.

I would love to go to

I have no one place I want to visit but this is the lay out for my trip once I get my licence. This will be my first trip of me driving. The points of my trip are: Pittsburgh because i love to visit, me and my family went there last summer, there was so much culture and I loved just walking around the streets. Next stop is Deep Creek Lake State Park. Then Crystal Grottoes Caverns I read about it online and it sounded like it would be cool to see all the caverns. I want to go to Baltimore to see my uncle and cousins. Then I would like to stay on Virginia Beach. Then while I am close to Cape Hatteras National Seashore I would love to go there and take pictures and do whatever else it has to offer. I love to travel. Most of all I love long car rides.

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