Monday Memo

Curriculum Focus

RAISING RIGOR IN YOUR CLASSROOM!  We have to do this in order to improve learning gains.

Differentiation and Rigor in Action…Content

  • Reading Partners/ Reading Buddies
  • Read/Summarize
  • Visual Organizer/Summarizer
  • Choral Reading
  • Note Taking Organizers
  • Guided Notes
  • Books on tape/iPod

Differentiation and Rigor in Action…Process

  • Tiered Tasks/Products
  • Group Investigations
  • Model/demonstrations by teacher
  • Use part-to-whole and whole-to-part approaches2-19
  • Problem Based
  • Inquiry
  • Alternative Forms of Assessments

Differentiation and Rigor in Action…Product…use the Leader in Me Tool Box ( pay for this…so use it.

  • Diagram
  • Article
  • Timeline
  • Scrapbook
  • Debate
  • Flow Chart
  • Mock Trial

Essential Questions...they should be posted

  • Allow students to explore key concepts, themes, theories, issues
  • Provoke inquiry, foster questions and are not answerable in a brief sentence or not answerable at all Spark meaningful connections and promote transfer of ideas

Points to Consider with Essential Questions.

  • Can the question be addressed in many subjects?
  • Does it generate a personal interest that will “hook” the students?
  • Does it lend itself to real world applications?
  • How are the essential questions addressed?

    Important Information

    I hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend. I just want to take this time to tell each and everyone of you how proud I am to be your Principal. I have the best staff! It is so nice to have outsiders (Besty, District office, etc) tell me that BEACH Elementary is an amazing school. Thank YOU for making Great Happen Here!

    This Week....

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: K-Cella Testing; SAC meeting

    Wednesday: 1st & 2nd Cella Testing

    Thursday: 3rd, 4th & 5th Cella Testing; PLC K-3

    Friday: Cella Testing 1-5; K-2 Valentine's Dance

    Coming Up...

    Monday, Feb. 23rd:  Cella Testing  

    Tuesday, Feb. 24th:

    Wednesday,Feb. 25th: Proctor Training for paras at 8:30 in Media Center

    Thursday, Feb. 26: Leader of the Month 1st, 2nd & 3rd

    Friday, Feb. 27th: Leader of the Month 4th, 5th & K


    How can you increase rigor in the following areas: Content, Process and Product?

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