Isolation Rules

Isolation is a tool that photographers use to take a feeling of loneliness and put it into another person's mind.


Isolation is used for making the viewer focus on the noun of the photo, usually a person or animal.  This photo is isolation because it separates this woman from  civilization.

You can do isolation by removing a subject from familiar landmarks, a blank background works best, especially when you use a blank constant color background white works especially well.

Sometimes you can make the background colorful as long as there is no other object in focus.

Sometimes you can make your subject stand out using contrasting colors such as in this picture.

You can have more than one subject as long as they are in a blank expanse.

You can use other objects such as high elevations and lighting to draw attention to your subject.

Making the subject stand out from the environment creates a  feeling of sympathy for the subject.

Putting the subject in a separated environment sealed off from other people is another way to create a feeling of isolation.

Putting an object in the background creates another feeling of isolation from the subject.

Making a background colorful and lively, while at the same time making the subject's vicinity dark and lonely isolates it.

A photographer would like to use this style of photography to create sympathy while at the same time attempting to create support for a cause.

Sometimes the picture taker would like to make a brightly lit background to contrast with the object of attention.

Making a feeling of despair is essential in most photos attempting to capture a feeling of isolation and sympathy.

Whether you are trying to create sadness or attempting to draw attention to an issue isolation is key for most photos in this category.

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