PAWS in the hallway

Have you ever been pushed or shoved in the hallways at the end of the day? Preston Pumas should know better. Let's help to put an end to this before someone gets seriously hurt.

Do you really want to end up like this guy? Ouch!

What's the problem?

Pushing, shoving, screaming, and running; those words would probably be used to describe a zombie apocalypse not a school hallway.  We are one of the best schools around and this behavior doesn't suit the amazing students we have here at Preston.

Some people think push comes to shove. But if your friend got hurt because of YOU, wouldn't you feel guilty? But it's all fun and games until someone cracks their head on the stairs. It's the end of the day but it doesn't mean you go crazy and abandon your knowledge of PAWS.

So, how do we fix this situation?

This is a big issue and you can't solve it by just trying to tell  everyone to  slowdown. I believe there should be an assembly to inform that if teachers see you breaking PAWS behavior in the hallways, you can get  punished. Also, there should be two orderly lines; one going up and one going down the stairs. If we work together as Preston Pumas, we can perfect hallways PAWS.

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3 years ago

it made me feel like not pushing things and ees

3 years ago

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