Welcome To Zambia

Ethan T

Make Zambia your next vacation destination. We offer you warm temperature to enjoy long walks and soccer games during the day and disco dancing at night. A common staple to enjoy in Zambia is Nsima a thick dough like porridge often served with beans and vegetables. We look forward to seeing you here in our wonderful country Zambia.

* Zambia is located in South Central Africa.

* The average climate is 75 degrees typically hot and dry.

* Zambia's official language is English. Different ethnic groups have their own languages.

* Christianity and Muslim are the main religions.

* Zambia has an elected President every 5 years who heads both state and government. The current president is Michael Sata and the capital is Lusaka.

* Education starts with preschool and continues on through Primary (grades 1-4), Upper level (grades5-7), Secondary (grades 8-12)

* Christian holidays observed are Easter and Christmas. Some Zambia holidays include youth day (March 19th), African Freedom (May 25th), Hero's & United day (1st Monday and Tuesday in July), and Farmers day (1st Monday in August).

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