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*This play has adult content and is not recommended for children.

One of Neil Simon’s most popular comedies, Rumors takes place in the posh suburban residence of New York’s deputy mayor, Charley Brock who, at the beginning of the show, is lying off-stage with a bullet hole in his earlobe.

Charlie and his wife Myra are celebrating their 10th anniversary. They invite four high society New York couples to a posh dinner party, but when the first couple arrives, they find Charlie covered in blood with a gun and a suicide note. Myra is missing, there are no servants, and – worst of all – no food! Charlie's tense lawyer, Ken (Aiden Smith-Fields) and his chain-smoking wife Chris (Megan Cuevas) must concoct a story before the other guests arrive.

As they arrive, each couple tries to keep each new arrival from finding out about Charley’s "situation." The confusion is compounded by the guests spreading rumors about Charley, Myra, and each other.

Characters include Lenny (Kit Jones), a short-tempered accountant with a whiplash injury; Claire, (Jillian Davino) Lenny’s acid-tongued wife; Ernie (Jacob Santiago), a laid-back psychologist, his eccentric wife, Cookie (Lizzie Croswell); Glenn (Akshar Patel), a pompous state senatorial candidate, and his high -maintenance trophy wife Cassie (Toryn Offenbaker). Police officers Welch (Daniel Holland) and Pudney (Skyy GreenRiver) round out the cast.

Watch the ensuing hilarity as the four couples desperately try to conceal gunshots, missing persons, and more from each other AND from the police who show up to investigate! Time Magazine called it, "An old-fashioned door slamming, crockery - smashing farce."


SATURDAY, February 15, at 7:00 p.m. $8 adults $5 students

SUNDAY, February 16, at 2:00 p.m. $8 adults $5 students

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