Sociolological Approach

What is Shown by Economic and Social Power?

“Oedipus the King”: Oedipus feels those who want power must gain it and are freely aloud to use it. He earned his power from freeing the town of Thebes from the sphinx. His power ended in his fate where he lost his family and sight.

"French Cinderella": Kings and queen don't earn power and use it for wealth. While there people live harsh lives, they throw balls and feast. The only reason they have power is because of their birth.

"Romeo and Juliet": Romeo and Juliet's families fight each other for social power. Their conflict caused war, death, and love. They noticed fighting for power was pointless and made peace to share.

"The Campaign": Alladeen is born with his power as a child and abuses it in every way. He doesn't have the know-how or experience to rule. He doesn't know the life of a normal person till the end so he thinks people like how he rules.

"Lone Ranger":John Reid and Tonto fight the villains for power and freedom for the people.

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