Jan. 7, 2015 --What Does 2015 Have In Store??

"Time does not pass it continues."-Marty Rubin

~What will 2015 hold for you? Our world?
     *2015 for me is going to be the start of a lot of things for me. This year I've decided to try some things out that would've never tried last year. It will be great for me to be able to say "I was doing ____ last year which wasn't so productive for me because ____. This year I've done ____ which has been much more productive because ____. What I've learned from that is____."

~What will our world look like 26 years from now? What do you predict for 2041?
     *I think in 26 years from now a lot of things will have changed and things will have advanced A LOT. As our world goes on and on we are investing more and more into technology. By 2041 we will be thinking about the phones we have now like how we think about today's flip-phones -even worse though because more time will have passed than time has passed since flip phones were what was popping. In 2041 people will be counting on technology even more than they do now. We'll be depending on technology for simple things like doing our nails, our hair, ironing clothes (somehow, some way), etc. If you think on we depend on technology for almost everything we do which I think is a very unhealthy way to live and go about life because we miss out on so many opportunities to learn new things like the way things work, why they work that way...

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