The major language in the Bahamas is English.The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. The major language in the Bahamas is English. It is located in Caribbean Island. The population in 2013 was 377,374. The life expectancy in 2012 was 74.91 years.

The top 3 major landforms are are Cays, highest point on Cat Island, and 700 islands of coral. The top 3 major geographical landmarks in Bahamas are Queens Staircase, Count Basie Square, and Hope Town Lighthouse. The top 3 major cities in the Bahamas are Nassau, High Rock, and Freetown.

The the average temperature in the Bahamas is 70 degrees. The total annual precipitation is 1359.2 mm.

People in the Bahamas  mostly eat seafood. One of the many National traditions is that the second Monday in October is National Heroes Day. The traditional music in the Bahamas are Goombay.

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