Racial Profiling

By: Makayla Thull

Many people around the world understand what it feels like to be discriminated against based on their race. Racial Profiling is the use of someone's race as a factor in deciding weather or not to engage in enforcement. For example,  Muslims can be labeled as terrorists, Mexican Americans can be labeled as illegal immigrants, and African Americans can be labeled as gang members. Racial Profiling is not justified because their is no statistical evidence to support it and it causes the police to lose credibility among the people their supposed to protect.

The problem with racial profiling is the misplaced use of statistical discrimination. Their rationality, their "odds reasoning", and their use of statistical discrimination is leading them awry. There are no proven facts that every African American you see is a part of a gang, so why assume so? Just like not every Muslim is a terrorist, and not every Mexican American is an illegal immigrant. Until these 'facts' are proven, they cannot justify their reasoning and judge based on race.

As you can see in the graph above, the number of White, Black, and Hispanic people who got arrested in the years of 2002 and 2005 are relatively even. However, the number of White people who were searched compared to the number of Black and Hispanic people who were searched is drastically lower. Additionally, it is proven that Blacks and Hispanics are twice as likely to get stopped and searched by police, but whites are more likely to be found with Contraband. This causes the police to lose their credibility among people.

Racial profiling is proven to not only be wrong, but ineffective. A study was done to prove this. "the New York attorney general's office shows that even though more blacks than whites were stopped and frisked for concealed weapons, the arrest rate of whites for violations was actually higher".

Racial Profiling is simply motivated by fear. Due to things such as 9/11, people began to agree that it was necessary to stop terrorism. So far, it's been ineffective in catching criminals and preventing crime.

"A “stand your groundlaw states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense without the duty to retreat when faced with a reasonable perceived threat." I believe this to be true, however, i do not believe that the stand your ground laws have anything to do with profiling based on race.

Because Racial Profiling offers no statistical evidence, and causes the police to lose credibility among the people, it is not justified and should not be practiced as a result to any cause.