World Animals

Today we are going to explore and learn about the worlds most interesting animals!

First, get together with a partner and click on the Symbaloo tile named "Sugar Gliders." After watching the video talk with each other about what you saw and answer the following questions:

Have you ever heard of sugar gliders before today?

Where do Sugar Gliders live?

What do Sugar Gliders eat?

What makes them unique?

Next, make a list of the following animals on a piece of paper:





Edible Frog


Then click on each animal above to bring up a page all about these interesting animals! Answer the following questions on paper:

What part of the world does the animal live?

What do they eat?

Write down an interesting fact about each animal.

Afterwards discuss with your partner the most interesting animal and why you find it interesting.

Choose from one of the animals you found the most interesting  and create a

Wordle to describe this wonderful creature. (Either click on the red Wordle to go to the homepage or click on the Symbaloo tile named Wordle)

Click on the tile "Animal Facts" and look on the homepage. What is Bernie the bears animal of the day??

Have you ever wondered how many animals are in danger of becoming extinct around the world?

Go to the tile named "Endangered Species" and do some research on different what animals are in danger of becoming extinct.

Pick an animal that is in danger and do some additional research. I have provided some websites but feel free to find and choose your own. 

What can people do to help these animals survive? What would you do?

Lastly watch the above video all about Dinosaurs! These animals walked the Earth over 160 million years ago!