Help Wanted

For Senate from The Big Island of Hawaii

Here are somethings that is need for this job and what you get if you are accepted for the job.

You have to be at least 30 years old and have to be a citizen for at least 9 years and and you will have to be elected by the state you live in.

You will be doing alot of stuff like represent the president, help with the passing out laws, and you will have to be able to have a flexable schedule.

Your salary will be 193,400 dollars after taxes. You also get health, life insurance and you get retirement funds.Another thing is Services from the Senate Disbursing Office, including check cashing an the purchase of traveler’s checks and assistance with retirement and othe benefits;Use of the Senate Credit Union; Permanent ID from the Senate Sergeant at Arms; Limited use of various Senators’ dining facilities; Use of the Senate Library, including borrowing privileges; Documents from the Senate document room upon personal request of th former Senator;Purchasing privileges in the Senate Stationery Room; and Membership in the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress.

The length of being in the senate in hawaii is 2-4-4 and the number of term is 6 years.

By: Roger Homrich

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