Elena D'Amario

Elena D'Amario is the only Italian dancer on the Parsons Dance Company, which is a modern dance company. She was born in Pescara on the 17th June 1990. When she was a child, she started danceing at the dance school "New Step", in Pescara.

After having participated in the television program "The Debutante Ball", winning, Elena joined a famous dance programme on the Italian TV called "The School of Amici", in the ninth edition in 2009. She was strongly supported by Steve La Chance, but she also received respect and affection from the whole dance teachers.

During the evening program, Elena got the opportunity of dancing with two dancers in the company of David Parsons and subsequently received a job offer for a full season, first in America, then around the world. On 30th August 2010 Elena left for New York, where she is now a member of David Parsons Dance Company as the first dancer. On 29th October 2014 she won the front cover of the New York Times.

She is a wonderful person. She is humble and she has a strong sense of sacrifice and duty.
She puts humanity, soul and feelings in all that she does especially when she dance.

I had the fortune of meeting Elena and I took some lessons from her. I love her personality, because she is always cheerful and friendly. Watching her dance, one can see how deep her love for dance is and I really admire her for this.