Digital citizenship rocks!

All about digital citizenship!

                   Do you know what digital citizenship is? Well you should,because it is very important to us in this generation of technology. Lets first start with your privacy, you should stay safe as long as you do not share any personal information. Do not join chats or groups with people you do not know. Also you should think before you post things because, once you put something on the internet, it is on there and, you can’t take it off once you post it so,think before you post. Next lets talk about interacting on social media. For starters you should never talk to strangers or people you do not know. Once again don’t chat with strangers. Also don’t put your personal information.Lets talk about something that is pretty sad and that kids are dying from it everyday...cyber bullying :-( . Cyber bullying is when people are getting bullied online. When a cyber bully sends you a rude message don’t send a rude message back because then it would just make them do it more. Also stand up for yourself and for others.Now lets move to staying safe, you should only talk to people who you know.Never share your personal information, think before you post! Now lets go to protecting my identity, Once again never share personal information. Also never share something that you,your friends,your parents,or even your grandparents would not want to post. Once again never talk to strangers. Now the last thing I am going to talk about is your own responsibility, You should be very responsible on the internet so you don’t get hurt. Once again once you put something online you can’t talk it off. Once again you need to think before you post.

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