Methods of Expansion

What is Organic Growth?

Organic Growth is when a business grows naturally without any help from other businesses. A merger is two ideas that get together and share ideas. A takeover is when a business takes over and owns the business. Franchising is when someone grants the right to use products/name. Lastly,expansion is when a business expands.

The pros of being a merger/takeover

The pros of being a merger/takeover is that you can share ideas to make a bigger profit. more successful, combine outcome and finally, new advertisement. the cons of being a merger/takeover is there are many changes, lose employers and the image changes. The pros of organic growth is that you can get more customers, more profit and no loss of jobs.  the pros of franchising is support and advice, rewarding both financially and training programme. the cons of franchising is it is expensive £500,000 to open do for 20 years.

Why Expand? A business should expand for more profit, less benefits, more tax and bigger audience.