Hitler's Young Age

Do you know about Adolf Hitler? Well, you're about to find out! Adolf Hitler was born on 4/20/1889, In Braunauam Inn. Hitler lived in a state called Austria. Hitler had a mother and father, their names were, Alios Hitler, And,Klara Polzl. Hitler's father died in 1903 when Adolf was young.

Hitler's Intrests

Hitler liked to paint sometimes. Sometimes he painted at his home in Austria. And when he painted,he, thought a lot. He tried to get into art school,but, the school called his artwork "unsatisfactory",witch probrobly hurt his feelings. I'm sure his art looked pretty good.

Hitler's Fuhrer Life

Hitler soon went to the state,Germany. A few years after he moved to Germany, he became, the Fuhrer. A Fuhrer is like a king. So he became the Fuhrer of Germany. About 3 years later, someone told Hitler that a nazi got hurt by a Jewish teenager named, Herschel Grynszpan, so, since Hitler was the fuhrer of Germany, he declared war on the Jewish peaple, witch was called, Geneside. Geneside is atempting to wipe out a whole type of a race, when you're that type of race.

Hitler's Main Challenges Of Being The Fuhrer

Hitler had many challenges of being the Fuhrer, like he couldn't do art when he was the fuhrer, and, he couldn't try to rule two states at once when he was the Fuhrer of Germany. Hitler's main challenge was, he couldn't call all armys to suport him in defeating the Jewish peaple.

Hitler's Last day

On 4/30/1945, Hitler felt so lazy, that he decided to go into battle. Hitler wouldn't go into battle because he was the Fuhrer of Germany and he didn't need to go into battle because he already had a little army, The nazis. but Hitler decided to go into battle anyway. Hitler got his suit and went into the battlefield. Someone shot him in battle. so......... Hitler died on 4/30/1945.


I hope you enjoyed and learned about Adolf Hitler and have a nice grade on your essay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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