Persuasive Essay

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted without bad consequences? Would you do something illegal? Would everybody? Would any good people be left? The world needs good people because we need to protect innocent and we need to be reminded what being good really is.

The world needs good people because we need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Think about the kids who don't know any better and the senior citizens who ay be disabled. What have they done for a passing man or women to do tem harm? We have to keep them safe and only good people will do this because they know how differentiate between what they should and shouldn't do.

Furthermore, the world needs good people because we need to be reminded how good is. If people forget what good is, then they won't put that good into action. They will help us stay a righteous person and keep integrity in the world. Good people remind us what we should be like, so the world will stay safe.

People could argue that if you are "bad" you could do whatever you want without harming innocents. That they could stay away from people, but would that work? For how long could you go before you stop recognizing innocents and you harm people?

In conclusion, good people are a very crucial part of the world, who help keep people safe and reminding us what good really is. So, are you willing to put aside your selfish needs and be an example of goodness? Because I am!

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to recommend Jimiyah Stewart for Wihlemina because I have known her since Junior High and she is one of the most qualified for this great opportunity.

Jimiyah is the most charismatic person I know. Her contagious joy is sure to reach her audience. She is funny, so you would enjoy working beside her. Once you meet her you experience her easy-going yet dedicated personality.

Jimiyah has the appropriate skills for this job. She is passionate, caring, determined, patient, and trustworthy. She is an easy person to be with and if you work with her, together you can accomplish any goal you have in mind.

Miss Stewart is plainly made for this job because she is beautifully passionate person, who you would enjoy working with. I highly recommend her without any type of hesitation.

For more information please feel free to contact me at




Candy Leyva


Letter of Intent

                                                 Candy A. Leyva. Student


                                                       25377 Piedra Blanca

                                                      Boston, Texas 78793

May18, 2015

Gandara, Ester B.

4536 Stone Drops

Austin, Texas 77898

Dear Ester B. Gandara:

I want to work with your company because I have very acute mathematics skills. I also like to follow specific directions, but can take leadership when needed. In addition, I like to work with manually as well mentally.

In you company I am looking for a role where I can take leadership or working with my work acquaintances. I have been told to take leadership for my ways in managing a group of people. I also work great independently because of my creativity.


Candy Leyva

25377 Piedra Blanca Boston, Texas 78793 | (859)369-1215 | az_can_leyv@gmail.com


To obtain a professional experience in teamwork and leadership skills.

Education- EDHS 2014 to present

Citizenship award 3rd – 6th grade

Presidential award 5th grade

A Honor Roll 1st – 4th grade

A/B Honor Roll 5th – 8th grade

Outstanding Singer 6th- 8th grade

Leadership 6th – 8th grade


Worked as a tutor for my classmates

Worked as a dance teacher ages 5+

Worked as a senior citizen caretaker


Great leader

Public Speaker

Organizer for events

Job Application