Mr. Menna history 2P7

My topic is cars

The 1903 LeRoy was Canada's very first gasoline powered car that was built in quantities for sale. The LeRoy was reminiscent of the american made oldsmobile

In 1904 Ford opened its very first Ford Of Canada plant in Walkerville Ontario.    (now part of Windsor)

This plant began making Model T's in 1908.

Ford of Canada was not a branch of the American company.

1916 Bartlett automobiles introduced the very first 4 wheel braking system in Canada, when they were testing their prototype in Toronto they caused a 26 car pile - up because the test car stopped so suddenly.

The Canadian Bartlett Company went out of business a year later.

In 1925 Chrysler of canada was founded in windsor ontario, They began producing the Plymouth model Q in 1928. 60 000 cars were sold that year.

In 1934 Chrysler released the "airflow", this car made a huge shift in car's style and changed the way cars were designed, it's curved panels and aerodynamic body style and near 50/50 weight distribution, this car stood out because it was released in the middle of box shaped cars with inefficient designs. This car is now listed in "TIME" as one of the 50 worst cars of all time

The Chrysler C39 was made as a post war comfortable family vehicle. Only 24 ended up being made and they were for the canadian market only. in 2008 a 1947 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country convertible was sold in auction for $181,500.

In 1951 Chrysler released the the first power steering system in a vehicle. It was an instant hit and many automakers followed in Chrysler's footsteps. The power steering system was actually invented in 1921 but didnt have its commercial debut until 1951.

In 1963 Studebaker closed its operations in its south bend, indiana plant and focused all their north american operations at the plant in Hamilton, On. The plant closed in 1966 and the commander was one of the last models made there.

Ford created the Mercury Meteor specifically for the Canadian market in 1949. It was popular in Canada for many years, and in 1960 was introduced to the American market. The Meteor was discontinued in 1976, by then nearly 600,000 had been produced in Ford of Canada’s Oakville, Ontario plant.

In 1988 Toyota opens a plant in Cambridge, Ontario. The Cambridge plant opened in 1988, and has been expanded twice since. This was Toyota's second car-assembly plant in North America, after the plant in kentucky  opened in 1987, and the first Toyota assembly plant in Canada. The plant in its current configuration covers 3,010,000 square feet in space on 400 acres and gives a job to almost 8,000 workers. Toyota motor manufacturing canada has 12 J.D. Power and Associates plant quality awards, including the global Platinum Plant Quality Award in both 2011 and 2014 - the only Toyota plant outside Japan to ever win this award. This plant builds the Toyota corolla, Toyota matrix, Lexus RX350 and Lexus RX450h.

First generation Toyota prices being made from 1997-2001, the prius was initially introduced worldwide in 2000 and and sold in more then 80 countries. Its two largest markets being Japan and the United States. The first generation prius debuted as a hybrid concept in 1995. When it launched it became the worlds first mass produced Gasoline - Electric Hybrid vehicle. The prius's sales hit the 1 million vehicle mark in May 2008, 2 million in September 2010, and passed the 3 million mark in June 2013.

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