What's on your bookmark bar?

I took two screen shots of mine so you can see better.

Round One

Obviously Tackk is first. Duh.

The other obvious ones: Twitter, Pears ( I have not looked into this yet… it is on there solely for me to look at it. Everyone has a "I'll look into it later" link), and Facebook.

"Web Design" is really Web Design Ledger. I like the site because it has different designs, tutorials and freebies.

OCWic is ohio celebration of women in computing… also one of those "I'll look into it later" kinda things. It is cool that there is a 'support' group for ladies interested in computers but maybe at the same time it is furthering the stereotype? I have mixed feelings about it. Honestly, I've visited the page less than ten times and the web site looks like it's from 2000.

Ahhh Apartment Therapy has great DIY's and awesome project ideas not only for your apartment. It is also a good place to look at other people's creativeness so you can feel creative.

Round Two

"Web" is really Onextrapixel. It is like the web design link before hand but includes other topics like marketing, general technology news and just more.

Co.Design is part of Fast Company. Fast Company also makes Co.Exist, Co.Create and Co. Labs. All of them are definitely worth checking out.

"hex color" is really ColorHexa. This is a great tool for finding the hex code for that perfect color. ColorHexa also provides color schemas for the color you chose, alternatives, tones etc.

WhereCoolThingsHappen provides interesting stories that may not have been "mainstreamed". It has a variety of topics from fine art to the latest technology.

YouTube. Great learning tool, also great time waster. I usually click this to watch a quick Ellen Degeneres clip before class. She's great.

"Bank" is my bank. It holds them dolla bills yo.

"donate" is really Care2 and it is this awesome site that lets you donate to causes without actually paying! It sounds cheap but it is a great way to donate when you're in college or are still paying for college. The money comes from ads and they only allow companies that are "committed to a journey of responsibility" advertise on their website. Also, you can donate everyday, very cool!

"Coupons" is really Surviving the Stores. I used this to get free samples in the mail, usually of Kleenex.

And last but not least, Amazon. Great for sending birthday gifts to my brother Andrew out in NYC or buying a pair of onsie pajamas. They're penguin themed if you were wondering.