Will be!!

Payton ,Howard period 8, 11-4-13

Taylor whith sae green eyes dulledby sadness.

Taylor of the kind hearted.

taylor who is miss understud.

Is miss judged.

Runs every time she heres people talking about her.

Crys to sleep.

Works because her parents are gone.

Who is to shy and self-conches to stand up for her-self.

Someone that has never been loved.

Taylor hides her scare from people that try and help.

Taylor can never go places were she is not judged.

Her friends turned on her and told every one of her secrets.

All because she was diffrent.

Taylor looks like she can take the pain, but she feels like shes melting away on the inside.

But inside she starts to change.

Her head tells her she can be anything she wants.

That she is going change,and start over.

She will make new friends.

Will not take what people say about her.

Can join clubs.

Will be the best she can be.

She looks just the same but has a whole new personality

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