I chose the Rube Goldberg for my 20% project. I chose the Rube Goldberg because I wanted to make a fun machine. I want to learn how challenging it really can be. I don't want to do this as a career.

Intro research
(Entry #2)

As a group, we discussed what supplies we would need to make our project. I also watched a little bit of a video to get an example of another project to see how I could use that for mine.List of things we need:

  • duct tape (Ally)
  • string (Lexi)
  • cups (Ally)
  • marbles, balls, etc. (split between lexi and Olivia)
  • tubes (Olivia)
  • scissors (Ally)
  • tracks (Lexi)
  • polly ( Mr. Ternent)
  • ruler/meter stick ( Mr. Ternet.)
  • other supplies that we find around the house or classroom at school (everyone)
  • some sort of weight (Olivia)
  • pieces of wood(Olivia)
  • trucks (Lexi)
  • small buckets(Lexi)

Further Introduction Research
(Entry #3)

Were still researching on how were going to do our Rube Goldberg Machine. As were researching we are looking at many videos that give us an idea on how to start with differnt supplies and make it challenging.


Today, we brought in supplies for our machine to see how we can arrange it. We also started our drawing and began creating stages. We still need to bring in more supplies to make more stages. We still need to complete our drawing and figure out the rest of the stages.


Today we continued working on our Rube Goldberg Project. We still have to continue on our stages and make them where they work. Our stages that were working on need a little bit more work,only some of the parts work. Our group brought in some other supplies like duct tape, pieces of wood and we still need to get a polly and some tracks so the cars/balls stay on the ramp.


Today, we figured out what didn't work and what did work. we had two rolling objects and were only allowed to have one so we had to figure out how to trigger the one. We added some new materials and we made a ton of progress.


Today, we did several attempts on our project. The attempts we did were so close to getting to knock down the wood. After we tried that a few times we switched it and made the string through a different hole and it worked. This project requires a lot of effort and teamwork. Our project is coming along really well and I'm really excited to see the final of it.

New questions and information
(Entry #8)

Today, we got our zip-line to hit the board to make the ball roll on the counter. The ball doesn't fully knock the bucket over sometimes it falls off the counter. We had some cardboard as boarders to try to keep the ball on the counter, but it looks like we need some more cardboard to make the ball knock over the bucket. The ball is suppose to knock the ball over. We are still trying to figure possible solutions to get the ball to knock over the bucket. Once we accomplish this we are going to add more stages so that the bucket trigger's something.

Technical parts of our project
(Entry #9)

      Today, we figured out are stages 1-4. We are still in the process of working on them. Today, we finished our drawing of our four stages. Stages 1-3 work and we just need to make the ball fall in the bucket (stage 4). As we get that to work we will have 1-4 stages done. We also have been taking videos and pictures of our test's for our project. We are in the process of uploading them, and once we do we upload them on here.

Techinical Part 2
(Entry #10)

Today we tested and figured out what worked and what still needed work on. We still need 3 and 4 to work and trigger the next stages. We also need to get the polly to work Every time we start,and not only sometimes, it gets stuck alot and we have to constantly restart. We also need to get the ball to roll down the ramp and make it hit the bucket, so the bucket falls to the ground. Were not sure if we are going to make the ball go into the bucket and make them both fall or if we just want the ball to hit the bucket and have the bucket fall.

Entry #11

Today we did multiple tests to see if our process was going to work and how many times it took us to run through our process. We are at 30 times all together from different days! But, I am so happy to say that we completed our 4 stages! We still need to take a video of our project running through and then post it on here! Since we are done with our 4 stages, we are trying to think of more stages to add to our Machine. We are in the process of trying to see what Stage 4 can trigger for our stages in our machine to continue.

Entry #12

   Today we continued to make more test runs to make sure that our stages would trigger the next stages every time. Also we came up with three new stages to add. We were still working on Our goal for the Rube Goldberg Machine project is to knock down the Jenga Tower. We will have a total of 8 stages for our machine. If we have time we could add more if we want too. Today we got a lot done.

Entry #13

Today we continued testing our project. We kept running through our projects to see if it would work. The ball kept getting stuck on the cardboard that was the edges so the ball wouldn't come off the counter. We are trying to get the ball to hit the bucket and for the bucket to hit the weight and for the weight to knock down and hit the scissors and for the scissors to cut the string and the car is on the string so then their is a car that is attached to the string and we need that car to knock over the jenga blocks.


    Today we continued testing our Project. It wasn't working so well. We tried adding more weight to the bucket, so the bucket would knock over the weight so the jenga tower can be knocked over. We learned a lot today, that we have a lot to work on. Also things are taking awhile to work, we need the zip line to work all the time and not get stuck on the string, and we need for the ball not to get stuck on the cardboard. We have to make a soulution so that the ball doesn't role of the counter or get stuck on the edge of the cardboard. We also need our zip line to stop getting stuck.  So we have a lot to work on and a lot to accomplish.


      Today we continued to make test runs of our Rube Goldberg Machine. We had a lot of trouble getting the zip-line to start, so we decided to replace the old string with new string that made the polly move toward the piece of wood. Also we duck duck taped Jenga blocks together, to make a ramp for our Rube Goldberg Machine Project. We will continue to fix the problems that come up till we can get our machine to work EVERY time.

Entry #16

Today we worked on the testing of our Rube GOldberg. We decided to take out some stages because it wasn't working very well. We have a total of 5 stages. We made the stage simpiler so that it would work completly. We didn't have time to test the project because we ran out of time, so tomorrow we will be testing the whole thing to see if it works.

Did it work?
Entry #17

Today we kept testing our project, and there were some errors but we fixed the errors. I am so happy to say that our Rube Goldberg machine works. All 5 stages of ours are complete. We have had a wonderful expierence with our Rube Goldberg Machine. We have always worked as a team and been able to fix all of our errors that have occured. The video of our machine working is on Youtube, search the account LexiGray920.

Entry #18

Today is the last day of stem. A couple of weeks ago we decided to chose the Rube Goldberg project as our 20% project. Our Rube Goldberg Project ended up working out really well. It turned out to be a huge success for our group. It involved lots of work and team work as a team.

      I learned a lot from this project.This project was very challenging and It was a lot fun, the learning expierence was also great because I learned that it was very challenging but when you have a good team to work with its easy to get done and fun. I also learned that once one stage of your project works doesn't mean its going to work every time, and you have to figure a way out to make it work every time and not expect it to work every time after it worked the first couple times. Their were also many other little things that I learned from this project.

       This project unfortunately did not want make me want to pursue this as a job or a hobby.I enjoyed doing this with my friends and I had a lot of fun but this isn't something I would like to do in my future. I have other things I would like to pursue and this isn't one of them.

           For all the projects that could have been chosen as the 20% percent project, I don't wish that I would have picked a different project. This project was the only teamwork project and not only did I wanna work with my friends but I wanted to work with a team. Before we did the Rube Goldberg 20% project we did a small one stage Rube goldberg with other people. When I knew that Rube Goldberg was on the list for the 20% project I knew I wanted to work on that because I wanted to have something more challenging and that has more stages.

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Your project seems like it's going to end up well!! Keep up the hard work!!

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Great work, can't wait to see more!!!

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It sounds like you have all been working well as a team. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing the video.

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Thank you!

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It sounds super cool cant wait to see it done

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I can't wait to see the amazing rolling object that will be awesome.