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This is a photo of the Samon River. Pretty.

Rivers are vary pretty butt they are are complicated and have many parts. Today we will go through the many parts of a river.


It was drawn buy the Blackstone river Watershed Association.

Watersheds is water in a high elevation going to a low elevation, and going down in to a large body of water.


This diagram was drawn by the UDSA Forest Crevice.

A divide is a set of mountains or valleys separating two watersheds.   

A Great Basion

This map was drawn by Wikipedia

A great basin is a watershed that doesn't lead into the ocean.  

The Source of the River

This photo was taken buy Wallpapers Inn.

The source can be any thing butt it is mostly rain fall on a mountain or snow melting on top of a mountain.  

The Head Waters

This photo was taken buy Lake County Ohio.

The head waters are the trickles of water coming down from the mountain.

The Floodplain

This diagram was drawn by River Landforms.com

A flood plain is an area of flat land that normally floods.  

The Tibulary

This photo was taken by Landforms - SocStudies.

A tributary is when a smaller river leads into a larger river.

The Mouth/Delta

This photo was taken by Skyblue.com.

An area where sediment deposits and forms a triangular shape. It also leads into a large boody of water.  


In conclusion, rivers are pretty. Vary pretty. Butt they are still complicated and can be dangerous. Thank you for your time.

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