#SJSREPORTS      By Mia     5-13-15
Patriots fans want to help the team pay for Tom Brady's deflatate

Picture cite: http://www.memphisflyer.com/FromMySeat/archives/2015/01/26/tom-brady-one-man-dynasty

The New England Patriots fans, angered by the suspension of Tom Brady, are setting up a fundraiser to pay a fine for deflating the Superbowl's NFL football. As of Wednesday morning, the fans raised up to $13,538. Tom Brady was suspended for four games and the team was fined a record of $1 million and forced to surrender two draft picks for purposely deflating the footballs in the Superbowl. The creator of the GoFundMe webpage said that they obviously know that they won't make it to $1 million, and if the Patriots do not accept the money, then they will donate to some great causes! In the end, I think that the Patriots will end up taking the money because if they lose $1 million dollar, it could affect the team a lot.

In the link above, it shows a news broadcast about what the situation is and what the impact is on the New England Patriots and their Tom Brady.

This news aricle above is about how the world reacted to Tom Brady's four game suspension.

This article above goes with how outraged the fans were and some tweets about what the fans said.

This article above is about the basics and what happened to Tom Brady, his backround, and what the Patriots plan to do about the incident.

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