How did the Bubonic Plague affect feudalism in medieval Europe?

The Bubonic plague caused the nobles to lose power and lose money. However the commoners and peasants life started to improve with more wrights and higher wages. So the government made new laws to restrict peasants. "The nobles attempted to pass laws to put the lower classes back in their place." They did this by making the law the Statue of Laborers. So the serfs ran away and sued their lords because the law was unfair. Later the English Peasants revolt of 1381 happened to hopefully stop the unfair laws. The peasants wanted better lives so they did some legal and not so legal things. There were less people so they get what they wanted “…the lords suffered an economic decline, the lower classes enjoyed a higher standard of living." The results were that prices went up because of loss of laborers then the prices declined because of less consumers. Also serfs asked for reduction of feudal duties because they could get away with it. Also farmers demanded better rent, higher wages, and being able to sell items for more. So although the Bubonic Plague killed lots of people and nobles lost power it made peasants have better wages more rights. The Bubonic Plague in general just made peasants have a better life overall, which helped bring the democracy we know today.

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