Tech Tuesdays:
Sharing Ideas

Below is the Schedule for Tech Tuesdays

November 5: Getting to Know Your SMARTBoard - If you have recently received a SMARTBoard, or have had one and feel like you need to get some ideas, then this is the session for you. We will go over basics and I will try to answer any questions you have.

November 19: Symbaloo With Your SMARTBoard - What is Symbaloo? how can I use it? Do I even need a SMARTBoard to use Symbaloo? (The answer is NO) In this session, you will learn how to create your own Symbaloo board and see how it can be used in your classroom AND on your SMARTBoard!

December 3: Collaboration? How can twitter help?- Do you have a twitter account? Do you ever say "How will this help me?" In this session, you will discover how using twitter as a way to collaborate with others in education can help with ideas in engaging students. I can help you create an account and tweet your first tweet.

December 16: Learners' Choice - This session has been left open to any tech ideas or topics that you would like to discuss or explore further. I would like to share Apps that have worked (bring your favorite app and share it), Failures (What have you tried and didn't work?) Technology Fun (What have you tried and it worked perfectly?), etc.

January 14: QR Codes - In this session, we will practice using QR codes by walking around the room and scanning them. We will then create our own QR code.

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