All About Switzerland

By: Savannah Frye and Savannah Barrett

The Traditions of Switzerland

  • Swiss traditional instrument is the Alphorn. the Alphorn has no holes and no mechanics. You just have to play it with your lips.
  • Hornussen- a traditional sport in Switzerland. Its a mixture of gold, baseball and hockey. Hornussen was created in the 17th century primarily for young single farmers. At the beginning the ball was just a stone with holes in it ; when it flew through the air, these holes made the ball sound like a hornet. From there is the name of the game "hornet" - Hornussen.
  • August 1st- August is the Swiss National day and traditionally involves letting off millions of francs' worth of fireworks. About 700 years ago the original three cantons Uri,Schwyz and Unterwalden got together and promised that they would only be ruled over by a fellow countryman and not by strangers, to be there for one another and to help each other.
  • Santa Claus'Day- In Switzerland Santa Clause comes on December 6th. Santa Clause in Switzerland does not come from the North Pole he comes from the "Black Forest"
  • Christmas Day-SantaClaus came already on December 6th he cannot come on Christmas. Therefore we have the "Christkind" (Christ-Child) It's an angel who accomplishes the wishes of the children; it is dresses in white, with ails and a halo. Of course nobody has ever seen this Christchild - but the children do believe.So on December 24th the family decorates a Christmas tree and in the evening children are no more allowed to enter the room. Suddenly a bell rings and then everybody hurries to the Christmas tree. All the gifts are under the tree and candles burn (mostly real candles). The window is open and some body tells the children: "Come quick, watch, the christchild has just left, I saw her flying away..." - that's how the christmas-gifts arrive here in Switzerland.

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