Violent Video Games on Teens

Spencer Harris

Hey you! Yeah you! Have you ever killed anyone due to violent video games? I didn't think so.

weird kid playing a video game


Many parents have complained about their children having violent behavior from violent video games. Violent video games do not affect childrens behavior because if it did violent video games would not exist.

old happy guy playing a video game


In a study of 70 adults playing small portions of violent video games, none of them had behavior changes. You still shouldn't get addicted, though. In a study of 377 kids around 13 years old, none of them got aggressive after they played. In fact, some of them dropped aggressive behavior. Some other facts include that the average gamer is 35 years old and been playing for 12 years. Video games are a mass medium in America and are in most homes in the US. If video games are played so much, why is most of America not extremely violent.

This isnt because of video games


The studys show that it is not the video games that makes kids behave violently. It is probably the parents. Common sense tells me that if all of the kids who played violent video games were violent than there would be alot more violence. Violent video games do not affect childre

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