kids should play minecraft in school

if you do want to play minecraft in school its OK i do to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kids want to play mineacraft Should kids play Minecraft in school?

do you want to play minecraft in school well if you do thats goood

Chapter 1 it could be a treat. kids need a treat because they work to hard and too long they need something to play like minecraft kids love that game i get bored of it sometimes because i have no one to play with me. in school because you could connect to wifi and friends could join it.

Chapter 2 its a wonderful game. kids can build almost everything roller coasters tree house and so many things its so cool i even built a water slide and class could play together on minecraft. thats part of why its a wonderful game. it will help in art.

Chapter 3 in prove behavior. its cool because theres like killing in it boys might like that girls there are like mods that can spawn ponies if girls are into that. its fun because there are horses and pigs, sheep, cows. its existing because theres gasp,skelton,creepers,zombies,spiders and so many more stuff.

well thats my story for now is it good please tell me thank you peace out you story teller.   

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