Long ago, in a country called Realmania, there were two countries who lived in harmony. The cultures were the Maleforites and the Firebreathers. These cultures formed one major culture called Spyro. A legendary purple dragon (born every ten generations) was going to be born and the Maleforites who were losing power feared that the Firebreathers would use this dragon to take over their territory. This caused the Maleforites to raid the Firebreathers in search for the egg but they only got away with one that they would raise to defeat the purple dragon once time came.

Here is a Firebreather with some dragon eggs.


The Firebreathers believe in a harmonious way of life. They try to keep peace with the Maleforites, but refuse to turn over the purple dragon for it goes against their belief in sticking together as one. They also put all faith into the purple dragon to help keep peace with the Maleforites. The Maleforites get their name from an old ruler they once had named Malefor. They believe in resurrecting Malefor and try to follow his way of life which included never letting any culture surpass theirs'. The Maleforites also believe in Cynder (the dragon mentioned earlier who was kidnapped before she hatched). They put all faith in Cynder to help maintain their culture until Malefor returns.

This is Cynder. The Maleforites have raised her to take on the Purple Dragon.


The Firebreathers start training when they reach about a year of age. They train to protect their territory until their mentors feel they are ready to go out on their own. Maleforites are tested at age three to see who can be trained to help take on the purple dragon. Those who don't make it into training stay in the territory and are trained for three years to steal more dragon eggs if needed. Those who do pass, are trained for years until the head soldiers see them ready.

Here is Bianca. She is a Maleforite trained as an egg swiper.

Family Systems

Firebreathers have a very basic family system. They see everyone within their culture as brothers and sisters. As long as you follow the same way of life and stay loyal to the culture, you are recognized as a firebreather (even if you are not a dragon). The Maleforites are split into two family groups. The warriors and the egg swipers. If you are in the same group, you are family. The two groups are seen as brother groups.

Here is the Purple Dragon and some of his fellow Firebreathers.

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