St. Joseph’s Villa

By Melanie
St. Josephs Villa made in 2014

  •   It helps children with special needs and their families through tough times with programs.
  • St. Joseph’s Villa was founded by the Daughter of Charity.
  • Mentoring is a big thing to a child by higher self-esteem, improved academic performance and school attendance, improved attitudes toward risk and reduced negative behaviors.
Better Business Bureau Report for
St. Joseph's Villa

  •   The chief executive a woman named Kathleen Burke Barrett.
  • The methods for Fund Raising are Invitations to fund raising events, direct mail, print advertisements and many other ways.
  • This organization was founded in 1834 Virginia and their address is 8000 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23227.
St. Joseph's program for homeless changes course Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014

  •   Quanasia Harrison and her husband have a 7 year old son and they both lost their jobs.
  • The Harrison family is one of the first to take part in St. Joseph’s Villa’s 2010 pilot rapid re-housing model.
  • 97% out of 30 families were put in everlasting housing are still independent and have not become homeless again three years later.

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