AXIS Capital Insurance Group in Jakarta: Insurance -- It is All about Paying Ability

In business, whether you are talking about real estate, retail, manufacturing, services or whatever mode of transaction it might be, the basic consideration that each party or participant must live up to and expect from the other party is the capability to pay or satisfy the contract agreed upon. You cannot build and sell homes without assuring your ability to recover your investment in terms of payments for your projects, whether in cash or on installment basis. Barter, even in the very beginning, never works when nothing is exchanged for nothing.

One’s success in business, therefore, is founded on how you deliver your end of the bargain. Without establishing trust among people and in the community, a company cannot survive and develop its reputation as a trustworthy and excellent provider of people’s vital needs.

AXIS Insurance Group recognizes this crucial principle in the insurance industry where the ability to pay clients means delivering a solemn promise based on a written contract. But no company can develop such a reputation without a strong partnership with its associate companies with financial capability to address the vital needs of diversified insured clients.

In the years that it has operated, AXIS Insurance Group has developed its capability in the industry by expanding the targeted classes of clients they serve. These target classes include the following:

  • Real Estate
  • Municipality Business
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Medical and Educational Facilities
  • Banks and other financial Services
  • Telecommunications/Media
  • Hospitality Business
  • Other Commercial Classes
  • AXIS has provided commercial property Insurance in the following aspects:

  • International risks
  • U.S. risks
  • Global property programs
  • Likewise, AXIS is involved in providing primary and excess coverage with the following coverage extent:

  • Normal Maximum Line $75MM USD
  • Critical Wind NML $12.5MM USD
  • Critical Quake NML $12.5MM USD
  • Separate insuring capacity from U.S. and Canada
  • Obviously, AXIS has the track-record needed to serve these essential areas of concern in the financial and commercial world. And serving these needs in 150 countries is no mean feat for any company. AXIS, in particular, has gained a strong reputation as a dependable reinsurer.

    One main reason for AXIS’ success as a leading diversified global reinsurer is its ability to provide risk-transfer products, primarily in the form of reinsurance contracts, offering substantial capacity and unequalled financial strength. Its creative customized solutions for clients include treaty and facultative property and casualty reinsurance to insurance companies on a global basis and serving various fields in the global and local economies.

    Name it, AXIS Insurance Group Asia will find a way to provide specialized solutions for your specific needs. Others have proven AXIS’ professional capability. People always trust a company that can deliver what it promises.

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