5 Easy Apps to Use in a K-12 Classroom

(1) Comic & Meme Creator

This app allows the user to create Comics, Memes, Bitstrips and funny pictures. The app is simple to use; select your character and background, type your message(s) into a speech bubble(s), and then share! When making a Comic the app includes a variety of character, objects and backgrounds to choose and when a creating a Meme there are over 100 images to choose from. Users are also welcome to use their own custom pictures.


Students in a secondary Social Studies class are asked to create either a Meme or Comic strip illustrating one of the causes leading up to WWll.

(2) Audioboo

Audioboo is an app that allows users to record, upload, and share audio with people near and far. Here users will choose an audio clip and picture, and provide a location, title and description to create a boo. These boos can then be shared on various platforms, including the site itself where users are also able to view boos regarding a wide variety of topics. This app allows users to inform and be informed.


Students in a secondary Social Studies class are asked to complete 2 current events throughout the semester using Audiobook. Students will briefly outline the details of the news story for their classmates.

(3) Bunsella Bedtimes Story

This app allows the user to create a movie by adding photos and then compiling their voice-over to the images, narrating a story. The story can then be shared via email or youtube. The receiver is then able to respond with a video narration.


Students in a secondary Language Arts class are asked to write a poem. Students are then asked to produce an image for each stanza. Students will then use the app to upload the images and record a voice-over of the appropriate stanza for each image. Students will be assigned a student in the class to send their completed video to, who will then provide feedback via a video narration in response.

(4) Animoto

Animoto is an app that that can be used to create videos using pictures, video clips, words, and music, that can then be shared. Here users upload their video clips and pictures, then the user selects a style and then adds words and music. Once the user has hit the "produce video" button the app automatically organizes the content and creates the video.


Students at the secondary level are asked to complete an introduction activity at the beginning of the year to share with their classmates. Students are asked to use the app to upload pictures and videos, along with a song that describes who they are or their interests.

(5) Choose Your Path Free

This app is a story reader that allows the reader to choose what happens next. The app allows the reader to play a Choose Your Own Adventure game while reading a story that offers numerous different ending possibilities.


Students at the secondary level who have a difficult time reading or find it difficult to stay engaged while reading are offered this app as an alternative to reading a hard copy of a book during free reading time.

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