My Goals and Needs

Bryce Lindaman


Resources Necessary For Survival


Electricity provides many important things, including heat and light.


Everyone needs sleep to continue completing tasks effectively.


Food is necessary for energy, although many foods can be considered wants.


Even more important than water, most life couldn't be sustained without water.


Like food, a lot of clothing can be considered a want because of pricing.


Things that are desired, but not needed to live.

A computer can be useful and entertaining, but not needed for daily life.
A private pool is a fairly expensive luxury.
Cars are very useful, but they don't add significant utility at higher prices.
A large house for a single person is unnecessary for daily life.


Something you care about and spend money on.

I really like to play the cello, so I'm willing to spend money on it.
Education is important to me.
I value having a dog.
Technology, such as a phone, is very useful to me.
Being healthy is important to me.


Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

An educational goal is to go to college by earning a 3.5 GPA in high school.
Save up $2500 from $60 a month from part-time job and presents over 2.5 years.

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