Christmas Traditions

Where did that come from?

Hanging Stockings

The idea of putting out stocking is connected to a story of a man who was quite poor and had three beautiful daughters. They had no money for a dowry. When St. Nicholas was passing through town he heard the story of the three sisters and wanted to help. He knew the man would not accept charity so he went down the chimney while they slept and put a bag of gold in the stockings that were hanging by the fire to dry. The girls found good husbands and lived happily ever after. In some countries children leave food for the reindeer in the shoes and it is replaced with small sweets and gifts.


Mistletoe was seen as a symbol of peace. Roman soldiers. it is told, would lay down their arms if they met an enemy under mistletoe. Scandinavians associate it with Frigga, the goddess of love. This might be why we kiss under the mistletoe.

Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is one of our most beloved traditions. It began in the Middle Ages when trees were decorated to represent the Garden of Eden. In 16th century Germany fir trees were decorated both inside and outside. It was not until Victorian times that we began to light the trees.

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