Franca Ciambella

An Experienced and Recognized Corporate Lawyer

About Franca Ciambella

A highly experienced and educated lawyer, Franca Ciambella holds two masters of law degrees, a certificate of management, a civil law degree, and a bachelor of commerce degree. She focuses her work on leading and directing a team of lawyers, and support staff as the managing director of Consilium Law Corporation in Singapore. Franca Ciambella’s practice areas cover a wide array of corporate and commercial issues, including foreign investment law in ASEAN and corporate mergers and acquisitions. She also supervises the Consilium Law Corporation family law and litigation department.

Throughout her career, Franca Ciambella has had several works published including Investments in South-east Asia: Policies and Laws, a loose-leaf binder collection, and several short reviews and articles in LEAF Magazine, Bamboo Telegraph, and Maple Leaf Times. She has also been appointed to several board, committee, and leadership positions. She currently serves as a board member of CanCham Singapore and as vice president of the Canada ASEAN Business Council. Franca Ciambella is also a member of the America Chamber of Commerce, the Singapore Academy of Law, and several charitable organizations.

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