Recent Travels, November 2014

Click on each picture to see all the pictures from each different event

My first trip was to Slovakia. There I taught a one day seminar to local area families, and a 3 day seminar to college aged young people. The pictures from this journey are here.

From Slovakia I traveled directly to Berlin to visit Marissa and Lorenz. Some pictures of that visit are here.

By chance my visit coincided with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some images of that are here.

Also in Berlin, one of my dear colleagues and a great historical woman of Luxembourg, Madame Erna Hennicot-Schoepges was present to deliver an address at the Berlin Economic Forum. Pictures of my time with Mme. Schoepges are here.

Right away after landing back home from Berlin, Hiroko and I flew immediately out to the East Bay, California. While there I spoke at a Global Peace Forum.

Also while in CA, I got to travel throughout Napa Valley one afternoon.  Truly beautiful. Here are some pictures of that.

And later that weekend preached at the Bay Area Family Church

At the end of this all, I finally traveled to Las Vegas to teach a college workshop.

On my last day I visited Lake Las Vegas, a man made lake about 30 minutes east of the strip. Those few pictures are here.