Frank Cockerill - His Professional Awards

Frank Cockerill is a distinguished microbiologist with success in both business and academics. He is certainly a very decorated individual. He is a member of the American Society for Microbiology, Association for Molecular Pathology, Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha, and Infectious Diseases Society of America. He is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, American College of Chest Physicians, and American Academy of Microbiology. He also has served or currently serves as a member of the board of the American Clinical Laboratory Association, Board of Scientific Counselors for the Centers for Disease Control, and Association for Molecular Pathology.

As is obvious, Frank Cockerill has made a tremendous impact on the field of microbiology and in the field of medicine at large. A few years ago, as CEO of and in behalf ofMayo Medical Laboratories he accepted the Frost and Sullivan Award in Boston, an award that recognizes the best laboratory business plan in the city. To balance his hectic work environment, he has a long list of hobbies and interests that help him unwind. His hobbies include playing the piano, running in marathons, gardening, farming, medical missionary work, and reading about world history. His interests include preserving the aquifers, the environment, animal rescue, world history, and travel.

Frank Cockerill's excitement about the continuing success of Mayo Medical Laboratories abounds, as evidenced by the role he played in the groundbreaking of the Superior Drive Support Building in Rochester, Minnesota, a building that will house Mayo Medical Laboratories. Frank Cockerill is grateful for every second of his career and excited to see where the future will take him.

Frank Cockeril - The Attractions of Minnesota

Frank Cockerill

Frank Cockerill is a welcome resident of Rochester, Minnesota. He is a microbiologist and pathologist, and recently he was a key note speaker at the ground breaking for a large addition to the Superior Drive Support Building in Rochester for Mayo Medical Laboratories. He loves calling Minnesota home, as it caters to all of his needs, and he reveals to us what he believes are must-visit places for travelers to Minnesota.

It may sound cliché, but Frank Cockerill recommends the Mall of America near the top of his list of attractions in Minnesota. This impressive mall boasts a theme park, an aquarium, and a Lego Land. Visitors are sure to find anything they could possibly need to shop for. Next, Frank Cockerill suggests that a traveler to Minnesota check out the Boundaries Waters Canoe Area. Minnesota is known at the Land of Ten ThousandThousand Lakes, and this area greatly contributes to that moniker. It is home to many scenic views and canoeing opportunities. Another attraction that visitors to Minnesota must check out is Spirit Mountain, especially during the wintertime. This mountain offers the best skiing and snowboarding runs in the state, and is sure to leave skiers of all skill levels satisfied. For lovers of the outdoors and beautiful sights in nature, there is Minnehaha Falls. This attraction is an ideal location for people wishing to enjoy a relaxing picnic. The waterfall is a famous source of inspiration for poets and businessmen alike in the surrounding area. Keeping in line with the theme of nature, Itasca State Park is another of Minnesota's gems. It contains over 100 lakes within its 32,000 acres.

Frank Cockerill is very happy that he has been able to call Minnesota home for so long, and he highly encourages people to come visit his state!

Frank Cockerill - A Leader in the Field of Microbiology

Frank Cockerill

Frank Cockerill is recognized as a highly competent microbiologist in scientific and medical communities around the world. He is an innovator and inventor especially in the realm of diagnostic testing for infectious diseases. He also has a stellar career as a leader not only in academia but in a for profit company. His current professional aspirations are either to be the CEO of a startup company or a Chief Medical Officer in industry.

His career-long efforts have brought him many professional recognitions and honors, and coveted professional assignments, including membership on the boards of the Association for Molecular Pathology, Centers for Disease ControlBoard of Scientific Counselors, and American Clinical Laboratory Association. He is also a fellow of the American College of Physicians, American College of Chest Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of America, and American Academy of Microbiology.

For all of his individual accomplishments and honors, Frank Cockerill is most grateful and honored to have worked with and directed many teams of scientists. . He understands that most endeavors, especially something as important as innovative, cutting edge testing in microbiology, must be undertaken by a team in order to be successful. He believes that he has acquired many important attributes and skills by being part of and directing research and development teams throughout his career.

Above all, says Frank Cockerill, he has learned that teams, organizations, and businesses alike rely on trust and communication among their members in order to survive and ultimately succeed. He is grateful that he has had the chance to work with so many gifted and hardworking teams over the course of his career.

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