Frank Evanshen

Founder of Enviro Recovery - Rare wood recovery company

About Frank Evanshen

Over the years, experienced entrepreneur Frank Evanshen has proven his ability to raise capital and launch new companies on the road to success. He founded his first companies, Kappa Resources and Seguro Resources, in the mid-1980s; shortly thereafter, he raised more than $1 million for Kappa Resources through a merger with Offshore Systems International. Through this merger, Frank Evanshen also gained a significant foothold in the marine positioning industry. Still active in development, Offshore Systems enjoys such high-profile clients as the United States Coast Guard.

As president and major shareholder of Seguro Resources, Frank Evanshen secured the $2.1 million that allowed the company to purchase Alberta, Canada's Hussard gas field. After turning over his share in the company to new management, Mr. Evanshen founded his next company, Market Central. Through this endeavor, he gained key experience with Internet services. This led him to cofound his most recently established company, WordLogic, in 1999. He became WordLogic's director in 2001 and now serves as its president and CEO.

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