Frank Lollino Jr.  Jump Ball Restrictions

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr. knows all the NBA rules. Here are the rules on jump balls from the official NBA Rule Book:

“a. Each jumper must have at least one foot on or inside that half of the jumping circle which is farthest from his own basket. Each jumper must have both feet within the restraining circle. b. The ball must be tapped by one or both of the players participating in the jump ball after it reaches its highest point. If the ball falls to the floor without being tapped by at least one of the jumpers, one of the officials off the ball shall whistle the ball dead and signal another toss. c. Neither jumper may tap the tossed ball before it reaches its highest point. d. Neither jumper may leave his half of the jumping circle until the ball has been tapped. e. Neither jumper may catch the tossed or tapped ball until it touches one of the eight non-jumpers, the floor, the basket or the backboard. f. Neither jumper is permitted to tap the ball more than twice on any jump ball. g. The eight non-jumpers will remain outside the restraining circle until the ball has been tapped. Teammates may not occupy adjacent positions around the restraining circle if an opponent desires one of the positions. No player may position himself immediately behind an opponent on the restraining circle. Penalty for c., d., e., f., g.: Ball awarded out-of-bounds to the opponent. h. Player position on the restraining circle is determined by the direction of a player’s basket. The player whose basket is nearest shall have first choice of position, with positions being alternated thereafter.”

Frank Lollino Jr - Tempo Control

Time is of the essence in many sports. Even games like Chess incorporate time limits if for no reason but to move the game forward. It is because of these time limits that sports tend to move less strategically and more tactically. Basketball is a sport with more times than perhaps any other sport. There is a clock, a shot clock, multiple second-count rules for crossing half-court and standing in the key, an inbound second-counting rule, and probably another obscure one or two. Because of this, teams are always moving. Even the most methodical boring-looking team is jogging up and down the court the entire game. Walking in Basketball is the equivalent to the pace a person sets in a Disney Theme Park when they have somewhere they want to get.

Timing is a key piece of Basketball, as much as in any other timed sport. It is very common for different teams to have different tempos, and it is extremely noticeable which team’s tempo a game is being played in. To a spectator, one team will seem to be in control. They will never seem flustered, even when they are frustrated. They move more naturally like they are kings of the court. Usually, this is the team in the lead, but there are some rare times when the team whose tempo rules the game are unable to keep a lead. Frank Lollino Jr. has been a basketball coach for years and believes the way to set a team’s tempo in motion is through a strong defensive front.

All About Frank Lollino Jr

Chicago Illinois is the home of Frank Lollino Jr. He is a basketball coach that has been helping teams and programs for more than a decade towards their goal to having successful seasons and in many cases turning programs around for the better. One of the things that he enjoys is of course to help young athletes reap the benefits of a healthy activity, but he is always looking for ways to teach these young athletes lessons that they can carry forward into their lives. He feels that by being positive and providing them with a positive outlet that they can instill these elements of the game into everything that they do and be productive and model citizens for society.

Victory is a part of that picture, but teamwork and achievement are others that are just as important. Over the years he has gained quite a bit of a claim due to his various successes on the sideline of the court. He hopes to elevate his career one day to move up to the level of an NCAA Division I basketball coach and potentially a bit farther down the road participate in a career in the National Basketball Association.

A native of Chicago, he is always been around the area and is accompanied by his two pet pit bulls, Ruby and Primo. He enjoys the life and leisure that the city of Chicago have given him and he is always looking for ways to give back. Basketball is certainly one of those ways.

Over Time with Frank Lollino Jr

Overtime is something that some teams dread, but at the same time other teams actually excel during this additional period of time that can be added to a game if it lines up at the end of regulation in a tie score. Of course overtime rules vary and they can change from league to league and year to year, however the concept of overtime process.

Teams must find deep within themselves to go beyond what they expected the game to be. What people often find is that the team that eventually wins is the team that is the best conditioned overall. The idea is to come out into that fifth period as strong as and sometimes even stronger than when the game first started. It takes a lot of dedication to develop this fortitude to dig deep and to come out with athletic yet disciplined plays. It is also a time of extreme focus as there is no doubt that the opponents team are also looking for answers to try and close out the game.

It is very easy to get lost in the grip of fatigue and lose track of the ball and the defense that you have integrated, so it is important to maintain the aspect of mind over matter and refuse to accept that you are tired as a player during this challenging final few minutes of the game. Other times it makes sense to break out with a new strategy towards the end of the game, as the play and strategy of the opponents during the course of the regular game may have revealed a tactic or matchup that is beneficial to your side. Some of the most exciting games in history have been one in overtime, so it is important to keep to those elements in everything that you do.

Frank Lollino Jr. - Proper Throwing In

Frank Lollino Jr. has taught many young athletes to become exceptional basketball players, which requires vast knowledge of how to play within the rules. When it comes to starting a play from out of bounds, there are certain things the coach and players must know so that they can make plans that will fake out their opponents while playing within the rules. The NBA Rule Book, in reference to the thrower-in, has this to say about how players can and cannot throw the ball in to start the play:

“A thrower-in shall not (1) carry the ball onto the court; (2) fail to release the ball within 5 seconds; (3) touch it on the court before it has touched another player; (4) leave the designated throw-in spot; (5) throw the ball so that it enters the basket before touching anyone on the court; (6) step on the court over the boundary line before the ball is released; (7) cause the ball to go out-of-bounds without being touched by a player in the game; (8) leave the playing surface to gain an advantage on a throw-in; (9) hand the ball to a player on the court. EXCEPTION: After a field goal or free throw as a result of a personal foul or the start of a period, the thrower-in may run the end line or pass to a teammate behind the end line. PENALTY: Loss of ball. The ball is awarded to the opposing team at the original spot of the throw-in. ”

Morton College in Cicero, Illinois Wins Championships under Frank Lollino Jr.

Frank Lollino Jr

Distinguished Marquette University Attended by Frank Lollino Jr.’s Niece

Frank Lollino Jr.’s niece Anna Marie Taylor is a freshman at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The daughter of Lollino’s sister Laurie Taylor, Anna Marie has chosen a private Roman Catholic university to pursue her higher education. Marquette was founded by the first Bishop of Milwaukee, John Martin Henni in 1881, and named after a 17th century explorer and missionary, Father Jacques Marquette. Marquette University holds a number of distinctions, one being that it is the first Catholic coed institution in the world, admitting female students in 1909.

Frank Lollino Jr.’s niece Anna Marie may choose from 11 colleges of study on the Milwaukee campus in disciplines like the liberal arts, business, communications, education, engineering, law and various health sciences. Most students like Anna Marie are studying for their undergraduate degrees, but Marquette has over 50 doctoral and master’s degree programs, with 37 graduate certificates. Anna Marie will study with a Marquette student body of 12,000, the largest private university student body in Wisconsin, ranked 75th among national universities by U.S. News & World Report.

The status of University was reached by Marquette College in 1907, upon affiliation with a local medical school. Upon incorporating the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1913 six years later, Marquette laid the foundations for the Marquette University School of Medicine. In 1967 this School separated from Marquette and became the Medical College of Wisconsin. Marquette moved to its present location in 1907, and its preparatory division, Marquette University High School, became a separate establishment. Marquette added an engineering college and acquired two law schools the following year, which form the foundation of its current law program. Marquette is nationally known for its basketball program, another plus for               Frank Lollino Jr.

Frank Lollino Jr.

Frank Lollino Jr. Proud Member of UNICO

Frank Lollino Jr. has enjoyed membership for years in a cultural and ethnically-based club known as UNICO. UNICO is an acronym today for Unity, Neighborliness, Integrity, Charity, and Opportunity. In actuality, the word unico is Italian for unique, or one of a kind. The founders, a group of 15 men who came together in 1922 to create an Italian American service organization devoted to charitable works and patriotism, intended that UNICO would have as its primary focus service to the community. Italian Americans had experienced distrust in America during World War I, with many questioning their loyalty to their adopted country. To combat this prejudice after the War was over, the founders set forth the objectives and purpose of the club: to promote and enhance the Image of Italian Americans; for members to serve the community; to serve the understanding of Italian heritage and culture; to work toward charitable, scientific, cultural, educational, and literary aims; to support the enhancement of public welfare; and to ensure the civic, social and cultural development of the community, an endeavor of special satisfaction to Frank Lollino Jr.

After World War I, there were two groups in America with a similar vision for contributing to the community through creating understanding. One was UNICO. The other was the National Civic League, a strong Midwestern service organization. Antonio Rizzuto was the founder of the National Civic League out of Omaha, Nebraska, and he pushed forward the idea at a meeting in 1931, that Italian Americans should be organized into a national body. This vision became the UNICO National of Frank Lollino Jr.

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr. Studies the Work of the Secret Service

Frank Lollino Jr. has a special appreciation for the work of The United States Secret Service (USSS), especially in its protection capacity of national leaders such as the President of the United States and his family. The Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency with two responsibilities: the oversight of financial crimes, such as counterfeit currency, treasury securities, and fraud, and protection of current and former national leaders, including the President, past Presidents, Vice Presidents, presidential candidates and visiting heads of state and/or foreign embassies.

Frank Lollino Jr. has a special interest in documentaries which tell the story of the Secret Service, originated in 1865 to regulate the production of counterfeit currency after the Civil War. Tagged the “Secret Service Division” of the Department of the Treasury, it wasn’t long until the Secret Service began to investigate other crimes for the U.S. Marshals Service. The assassination of President William McKinley in 1901 prompted Congress to request that the Secret Service provide protection to the president.

Frank Lollino Jr. is no doubt drawn to stories of the bravery of Secret Service agents in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, when Agent Clint Hill leaped upon the Presidential car and used his body to shield the President and First Lady, or of Agents William Greer, Roy Kellerman and Robert DeProspero in attacks on Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. Agent Rufus Youngblood threw his body over Vice President Lyndon Johnson as part of his Service training when shots were fired, which he would recount in his book Twenty Years in the Secret Service. Agents Tim McCarthy and Jerry Parr were honored with U.S. Congress commendations for their actions in the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr. won championships at Morton College, a traditional public institution, with academic studies arranged in semesters. As a junior college, Morton offers certification and Associates Degrees in a number of different disciplines, including the Consumer and Human Sciences, Health Professions, the Humanities, and the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Morton is proud of offering a very productive student to teacher ratio of 18 students to each faculty member. Morton also encourages adult education by giving appropriate credit for work and life experience toward certain degrees, known by Frank Lollino Jr.

Morton offers a full-service library, newly opened in 2005 with complete wireless access, group study rooms, a cyber café and a vastly increased number of computers, as well as complete academic counseling services in the Student Success Center, where tutoring and career assistance are also available. Nearly half of Morton students have applied for and been granted scholarship and grant aid to assist in their college expenses. Frank Lollino Jr.’s athletes benefited from the scholarship program which assisted more than a few of the Panthers in pursuing their academic and sports dreams. Morton College was originally established to offer education to the Illinois suburbs of Berwyn, Cicero, Forest View, Lyons, McCook and Stickney.

Morton College today is known for a university transfer program of excellence, as well as its mission to provide career education, community development, and continuing education programs for adults. Morton is proud of its past, and honors its rich community and industrial history in the Hawthorne Works Museum and Heritage Hall.