Franz Marc, One Great Artist

This is one of Franz Marc's many paintings called "Blue Horse"

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  I am Jeanna, a 6th grader at Holman Middle School. I was assigned a research project in my english class and I choose to do it on Franz Marc.

 Compare and contrast:
Franz Mark
Ellsworth Kelly

This Venn Diagram tells similarities and differences between Franz Mark and Ellsworth Kelly

While Ellsworth Kelly was born in the USA in the year of 1923 and Franz Marc was born in Germany in the year of 1880, they have both been to France.  They are both artist even though their art work looks totally different.

Cause and Effect

Because Franz Marc was in the army.....

Franz Marc was in the Army so he had to stop doing art and serve his country. He died two years later on March 4, 1916 near Verdun when he was just 36 years old.

Franz Marc

This is a timeline that shows some events in his life.

Franz Marc was born in 1880 and joined the "New Artist Association" in 1911. He edited an almanac with a member of the "New Artist Association" a year later in 1912. He died in 1916, just two years after he entered the German army in 1914.

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Love the creativity on your website, and I like Franz Marc's artwork it is very pretty.