Persuasive Essay

  The world as we know it is surrounded by evil its streets full of gangs and the drug dealers. But why? Why do we let this evil corrupt our world? How can we fix this?

    Evil has took over the world and we need to sign light out to the darkness. I believe it's time to bring good people in the world. How do we do that? Well I say be someone's good influence and they will follow you be your own leader.

   It all starts with influence do you have that one person who does that one good thing? Like giving you advice, gives you money, or pay for you. Whatever the case may be feel good that they do that and maybe you can do that for someone else.

   On the other hand there are times where it takes more than just an influence. An influence is sometimes not enough and there is no way that will make good people . Thinking the world is gone? Well telling you now its not gone its just progress seem to be better than it was before.

   My point is that good people can be brought to the world by good gesture or better influence. You can change the world helping someone can change yourself and that one person. Once they see the good gesture they will do the same for the next person they see.