My Fairytale

Once upon a time, I met a girl while i was walking on our school's hallway, it was back years ago when I was still in high school. Her face had pimples in it, her nose wasn't that pretty, and her lips wasn't that attractive at all, yet my mind kept on telling me that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her voice was in an annoying high pitch, yet my ears kept on listening unto it as if it was a pleasant sound, yup I was crazy indeed.

Days after meeting her, I heard news that she had a crush with my good friend. I don't know how, but at some point we became close with each other. She started messaging me when she was depress, when they had their fights, and even cried unto me. To cut the long story short, they broke up after seven months. I became her wall in the darkest hours that she had. I became her best friend.

Well just like any other boy and girl kind of friendship, we both fell for each other. Until now, I can still remember those heartbeat that i felt on the day of our confession. We did not came in to a relationship just right after that confession, i still courted her for about six months, that was to give her time and let the wounds heal after what happened to her.

Months passed and I finally got her sweet "yes" . It was November 12 2010 when we officially became lovers. I could say that I was the happiest person on that time. We were happy back then, yet something felt wrong, one little detail that i did not see coming.

It was the night of our J.S. promenade, i was in third year high school then, we suddenly had a fight, and the reason was... She was still in-love with my good friend, and so we both decided to end things up that night. Yeah i danced that night, but deep inside my foggy mind was a picture of her smile.

Months passed then i decided to visit her school (we were once schoolmates but financial problems made me transfer to another school.) to give her my gift that was intended for the upcoming valentine's day. It was honestly as awkward as it would be, yet I still manage to hand over my puny little gift. (for those who are curious, it was a Hello-kitty designed perfume.)

A week or month after that meeting, I received an unexpected call... It was her, crying. In a trembling voice she uttered "Hunn sorry na, di ko kayang mawala ka". Those words made me burst into tears, my once hard heart was softened with her voice, i accepted her apology and said "Wag ka ng umiyak, sino ba nagsabing nawala ako sayo?". We then was back in each other's arms.

Years of loving and sweetness passed, unavoidable problems though at some point crossed our paths, yet we managed to go through it all. Her mother went to Hongkong to look for a decent job, so she stayed with us (on our house) for quite a long time.

With all the love, care, and sweetness, something very hard to accept still came smashing through our lives. Her actions suddenly changed after the an activity on her school (freshmen night), she became cold all of a sudden, her once warm embraces were replaced with just a touch, Her eyes glimpsed upon me with emptiness, her kisses turned into just plain movement of her lips, and her i love you's suddenly became dull.

One night, she came home late. I noticed weird markings on her neck, yet she told me that it was just some kind of allergy, I believed her. She somehow became a different person, which resulted to fights and quarrels. Then a time came when she won't even come home for days, she blocked me on her facebook account, it was for the reason that she was having an affair with another man. ( i would not elaborate it more for the scars still hurt me)

It was so far the darkest moments of my life, skies turned to ashes as I look upon it. Music tortured me, for everything i hear reminds me of her. Everything around me gives me pain and misery, her face appears i all the things I do and say.

One day when I was online in facebook, she suddenly messaged me saying that the guy left her for no valid reason, so I rushed to lend her my hand. She was crying when I arrived... My heart was broken to see my girl crying for an unworthy man. To cut the story short, She apologized for the thing that she has done, and I willingly accepted it. Things turned differently after that. The once perfect relationship turned into a nightmare. We fought almost everyday after that incident.

Time passed away with us still quarreling about many stuffs. Her 18th birthday came. We met at Angono at about twelve noon. We were quite in a fight back then, but things went well as we proceed. After hours, Her friends messaged her so she could come to their place, I let her go so she could still celebrate with her friends. I told her that we could still meet again after their party while reminding her "wag kang iinom ha?".

We were supposed to meet up at about nine pm, and she came at around ten thirty pm, drunk... Things worsened after that event, my trust was once again shattered right before my eyes.

Those cracks on our relationship slowly ruined the foundation of what we had... Now, I am here writing a blog about us, about my once dream came true that has now turned to ruins.

I did this to release the pain, and finally to let go of what we had before.

"hunn, mahal na mahal kita. You were once everything to me. You changed me to who I am today, and I thank you for that. I love you so much mahal :") and take care."