The Abnormally Fast Bear, a horror story by Stephen Chang, Mrs. Rice Period 6

Once upon a time, a young boy named Jack was camping with his friends, Stephen and Aniketh.  They had just finished dinner and Jack had chugged a soda or two.  They were now roasting marshmallows and Aniketh said, "Let's tell some scary stories"

"Great idea!", Stephen exclaimed, "I'll go first."

"They say that in these woods lie a very spooky and abnormally fast bear."

"It chases those who have the most fluids in their bodies because it has super-hearing and those noises irritate it ."

Aniketh said jokingly, "Hey Jack, you should go to the bathroom before the abnormally fast bear gets you!"

Jack chuckled, "Oh no! The bear is after me!"

He then walked off to their bathroom, because he actually had to go.

After about 40 seconds, he heard a low growling noise.


He picked up his pace.

"Hello? Anyone there?"


Suddenly the abnormally fast bear came out of nowhere and jumped at Jack.


He ran all the way back to about 20 feet from camp in about 23 seconds, where he collapsed on the floor, too exhausted and frightened to make a sound.

Finally, when he caught his breath, he said, "Stephen! The abnormally fast bear is real! It just chased me from the bathroom hole!  I still have the liquids in my body! It's gonna kill me!

Stephen and Aniketh started guffawing in laughter.

"Dude! I was just kidding!", Stephen said, in between laughs.

Still lying far away from them and yelling at the top of his lungs, Jack sighed and then realized that they would never believe him.  He put his head down and fell asleep.  He had dreams that the abnormally fast bear was going to hurt him and his friends.  

5 hours later...
"Ugh, I can't sleep! I wish I'd killed that noisy thing earlier!"

"Bye-Bye, 'Jack'! I'm coming for you...along with your petty friends that said I wasn't real.  I'll show them REAL..."


3 Days later...

Headlines--- 3 Campers Found Dead In Habitat of "Abnormally Fast Bear"



Story by Stephen


Stephen as Stephen,

Aniketh as Aniketh, and

Arnav as Jack

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