Fleet Week

May 23,2014 10:30A.M. Staten Island,NY

Today May 23, 2014 we went to Fleet Week! I had a lot of fun! We walked around and saw many different things. We went to a couple stands with fun activities. Like one stand were we got to try on equipment. Also we got to pull a 108 pound dummies, who was injured. We also saw a dummies that had a pulse, was breathing, and was screaming. They use it to practice medical operations. At the stand it was to cut open the dummies throat, take a piece of the throat out, and put a tube in it to give it air (airway tube). I thought that was really cool. We also went on a boat. It was really cool and fun. There were many weapons and a 9/11/01 plaque. I thought that was cool, but also very sad. I had a blast today and learned a lot! I will never forget this day. Thank you so much for taking us! :)

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