Facts, maps, famous places, foods, and climates of  Argentina

Argentina is known for many things other than having the best soccer player to in the world right now. They are a comforting home to 41.45 million, mainly all speaking spanish, very few speak German, French, and English.  Argentina's capital city is Buenos Aires, a picture is shown below. Argentina's currency is Argentine peso, one of their peso's equals 12 cents in American money. Two countries that border Argentina are Chile and Brazil.

Famous Places in Argentina

Iguazu Falls

This is Iguazu Falls, it is 82 meters high. Many say it is the best waterfall to visit in the world. This waterfall leads to the Iquazu river. However, the river flows through Brazil but the biggest falls are in Argentina. Iquazu comes Guarani meaning big water. Here is a better look at the falls.

Mount Fitz Roy

This is mount Fitz Roy. It is not the tallest mountain in Argentina, but it definitely is a sight to see. Mountaineers say it is one of the toughest mountains in the world to get to the summit. It is located to the southern part of Argentina so it is very cold and snowy. Here is a picture of what it looks like to be on the summit.

Estadio Ciudad de La Plata

Argentina is known for football (soccer) everywhere. But mainly for the best player on Earth right now; Lionel Messi. He is why this stadium located in Argentina's capital is the a main attraction in Argentina. Argentina finished 2nd in the World Cup this year and Messi had some crazy goals, their is a video of all of his goals and how big Argentina is for football.

Expressions in Argentina

1. Zarpado- Meaning Extraordinary and big

2. Boludu- Meaning stupid

3. Che- Meaning friend or pal

4. Bardear- Meaning and insult

5.  Te lo digo posta- Meaning I'm serious

Famous Foods and Drinks

One famous dish in Argentina is their barbecued meat, it is everywhere and smoke all different kinds of meat also. A drink that they drink their a lot is coca cola.

These are Empanadas, they are very popular in Argentina. They are cooked with all different kinds of meats and veggies. Basically everything has meat in it in Argentina.

Climate and Geography

Argentina's climate is very mixed because it stretches closer to the equator and close to Antartica. There are many mountains in Argentina also. They have very dry winters but there winters are in August and September and their summers are in January and February. Temperatures in summer can get up to 100 degrees in the summer.

This a video that was posted about 2 weeks ago on youtube. It is a man not understanding spanish when the man wants his backpack for some reason. It happened in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It would of been handy if the man learned Spanish and know what the man wanted. Overall, this is a bizarre video.


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