Freak the Mighty
   by Caylin and Alexa

Story Summary

Freak the Mighty takes place in a rough neighborhood. In the beginning of the book the season is summer. The main characters are Max and Freak/Kevin. Max is very tall, looks like his father, and he isn't self confident. Max also has a learning disability. Freak is very tiny for his age because he has Morquio syndrome. He is extremely smart and loves the King Arthur story. A few problems in this story are Killer Kane and Freak's syndrome. The book starts off with Freak moving into Max's neighborhood. Soon they become friends and as the story progresses they become Freak the Mighty. Max's father gets out of jail and kidnaps Max. Freak then comes and rescues him. Soon it's Kevin's birthday and he has a seizure. Will he make it?Some other very important characters are Gwen, Gram , and Grim. Gwen is Kevin' mother. In the beginning they have just moved in and Gwen is scared of Max being around Kevin.  Gram is Max's grandmother. She is very protect of of  Max. Grim is Max's grandfather. He got his name because of his serious behavior. He is scared , in the beginning, that Max will turn out like his father. The mood of the story  is sad at points but happy at some points.

King Arthur

    King Arthur was the first born son of King Uther Pendragon and heir to the throne. When Arthur was young, troubling times came and he was raised in a secret place and none knew of his true identity. Later King Uther died and the kingdom needed a new king. Merlin, the magician  who saw the need for  the round table, used magic to stick a sword in a stone and anyone who could pull it out of the stone would be the new king. Arthur tried and pulled it out of the stone. Later, Arthur formed the Knights of the Round Table. They went on many quests. One day the Lady of the Lake gave Arthur his sword Excalibur to vanquish his foes. When a civil war broke out King Arthur was killed. Arthur's legend was first written by Mallory in 1470, but Geoffrey of Monmouth set the foundations for Arthur.

Freak the Mighty can relate to King Arthur, because Freak would order quests and he would talk about him a lot. Many times Freak the Mighty would compare themselves to Arthur.

The Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table were "Brothers in arms". They were also King Arthur's highest trusted knights. Their round table was round so no one would have the head of the table and everyone was equal. Sir Lancelot was the king's champion. He also went on many quests. Sir Lancelot was the greatest knight of the round table. King Arthur was the ruler of the round table and the son of Uther. Guinevere, the queen and King Arthur's wife, had a secret romantic relationship with Sir Lancelot. 

This topic relates to us because we have our own knights.Our knights are my friends, family, and supporters. This topic relates to the story, because Max's family and friends are his knights. Freak's knights are Fair Gwen and Max. Like the knights, Freak the Mighty go on quests. Their quests are their everyday lives.

Morquio Syndrome

Morquio Syndrome is a inherited disease of metabolism in which the body is missing a substance needed to break down sugar molecules.Some symptoms include:abnormal developed bones, bell-shaped chest, coarse facial features, hypermobile joints, knock-knees,large head, short stature, and widely spaced teeth.If both parents carry the gene it gives their child a 25% change to get it.There is no specific treatment, but symptoms are treated as they occur. The long term effects of living with disease are abnormal bones, a bell shaped chest, coarse facial features, hypermobile joints, knock-knees, a large head, short stature, and widely spaced teeth. One of every 200,000 births are diagnosed with Morquio syndrome.

Morquio Syndrome can relate to Freak the Mighty because Freak/Kevin has this syndrome.Freak the Mighty was created because Freak was to small to see something and Blade/Tony D. attacked them.


Bionics is the replacement of organs or other body parts by mechanical versions. The word biomimicry  comes from the Greek word bio which means life, and mimesis (meaning to imitate). We can study birds to make a plane. The wings would be like bird wings. Also, we study nature to find ways we can improve our products. Prosthesis (like bionics) is an artificial extension to the body. It can replace body parts that people have been missing since birth and improve there life. The man behind the bionic replacement surgery was Rudy Wells.

Bionics relate to Freak the Mighty because Freak said some day he would have a bionic body because of his syndrome. He said that the bionic body would help him move and see better.