Worlds Weirdest Shoes

These are some freaking weird shoes that the Internet has thrown my way (google images) lol

So if your hungry and by a grill just take these off and make some fish. Oh gosh, but this is disgusting....

Yes yes, imagine if the woman wearing this shoe stepped too hard and broke that glass......btw those are real insects up in there.......

Jimmy Choose makes some awesome but freaky shoes. Lets all just hope these aren't  real teeth

Oh the classical middle finger ...😒😒

Creative, cool, DISGUSTING  and 👾  😱

Actually this is pretty cool, but made entirely out of ones feet are that big...right?

I don't even....i don't  even  know....

Just read the message

(for those with no eyes it says: "This will destroy you."

This is for those cosplayers 👍

Not that WOW, but whatever...had it in my camera roll

This is so totally cool, like wow 😜😜😜😜

You all understand why I put this in right? Like EEEEEEEEEEEWEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Lol

This is for the games out there

Your dog will be so happy

A little basket for your jewelry

Well...if your hungry

The poor animalsThat are trapped in there. Lol

Idk what this on top of shoes......?

Solo realistic...i think its a cake though???

Challenge.. Find out who in the world made this death trap.

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